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The truth is that everyone has a unique voice and a story that can only be told by them. Seat at the Table will be a place where you can come to be encouraged to share that voice, get all the resources that are helpful when you’re starting out, how to videos, lessons learned, and all the behind the scenes! Here we don’t care if “everyone is doing it”, and instead have a seat ready and waiting for you to pursue that dream God has placed on your heart! 

So, yes friend, there IS room at the table for you. 

Seat at the Table was dreamt up by Janine (founder of Relentless Pursuit). Read a note from Janine below! 

Resources, how-to’s, and a whole lot of behind the scenes encouragement! If you have any questions or topics- please submit them at the bottom of the page! 

TBD. Praying it’ll be up and running by September 2020, but we’re not 100% sure about that!

Note from janine

I’ve taken the Enneagram Test 5 times- yup, FIVE TIMES! Four out of those five times I’ve received the results of being a 6, 9, & 2. (The very first time I took the test, I forgot my results).

The common thread? Others.

I live and breathe to encourage others, to come up alongside them and help them in any way I possibly can.

When I started Relentless Pursuit, it was with the encouragement of family and friends and the help of someone who knew what they were doing.

And all I want to do is pass it along. 

One of the most popular questions I get asked from Relentless Pursuit (other than what Bible I use 😉 ) was how to start blogging/sharing on Instagram. I’ve always been one for community over competition (especially when it’s Kingdom centered) so I never hesitated to share “my secrets”.

But it became more than that.

I was passionate about helping them make their dream come to life. To stand behind the scenes and cheer them on and be a sounding board for their ideas. 

To me, there is no such thing as “too many people” doing it. Everyone has their own voice that will resonate with people differently. So, I built a table and there is a seat for you right here- you just have to choose to pull up a seat.  

always, j

Questions & Topics

I know the questions that I had and the ones that I’ve already been asked- but YOU may have a question I do not have written down! Since I am here to help YOU, if you have any questions send them to me! It’s completely anonymous- no name or email necessary to submit a topic or a question. Just want to know how I can best serve you!

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